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Jaimala is a 28 year old woman residing in Vikas Nagar with her widowed mother and two differently abled sisters. Her husband abandoned her without going through the formalities of judical separation or a divorce.

She had been working as a teacher, but had lost her job. Her life was full of strruggle and she felt that her only option was to commit suicide as she could no longer cope with the burden of being the sole breadwinner for her family. During this period of struggle and unhappiness, she came into contact with one of the members of Mahila Chetna Manch. The member then informed of Jaimala's condition to the INDCARE project team. INDCARE took on this challenge as it  was directly related to the survival of Jaimala and her dependents.

Initially INDCARE approached the court for judicial separation and divorce. On the basis of her past experience INDCARE helped her get a job in the Universal Elementary program as a teacher and began to earn a regular income of Rs 2000/- a month.Then her younger sister was provided with employment in INDCARE's Mid Day Meal programme and thus became a second source of income. After these interventions by INDCARE, Jaimala was able to emerge from a deplorable situation to a life where she able to face the future with hope.

There was major satisfaction for Jaimala when the court granted a divorce and she recieved Rs 50,000/- from her husband as settlement.

This was an achievement for INDCARE as well as motivation for Jaimala who was able to close a black chapter in her history of unhappiness and regret. She has emerged as a successful woman and leader in the community who now, can face any probelm with strength and is a role model for the community at large.

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