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Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

The Reproductive and Child Health Programme was launched in October 1997 incorporating new approach to population and developmental issues. The programme integrated and strengthened the services and interventions under the Child Survival and Safe Motherhood Programme and Family Planning Services.The RCH Programme aims at providing high quality services to the beneficiaries with a view to enhancing the quality of reproductive life of the population and enabling country to achieve the population stabilisation.

Broadly, the programme aims to universalise the immunisation, ante-natal care, skilled attendance during delivery as well as for common childhood elements. Greater stress on improving neonatal care in at all levels, hospital, homes and community will be paid so as to substantially reduce the infant mortality. The RCH Programme aims at eradication of polio virus while selectively introducing Hepatitis B in UIP package. Referral services are ensured at District Hospital and in selected sub-district hospitals ensuring transport of the patient in time. The supporting services have been streamlined, while social mobilisation and demand generation has been ensured through IEC, NGO activity, improving counselling skills of workers and involvement of PRIs.

Universal Immunization Programme against six preventable diseases, namely, diphtheria, pertusis, childhood tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, measles and neonatal tetanus was introduced in the country in a phased manner in 1985, which covered the whole of India by 1990 Universal immunisation against six vaccine preventable diseases (VPD) by 2000 was one of the goals set in the National Health Policy (1983).

INCARE Trust has acted as a Mother NGO for the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare in the West and North West Districts of Delhi. It is operating as a Mother NGO since 2001 heading a consortium of  NGO's namely Child Survival India, GDS Society, Manch. Myrdo, Alamb, Rennaissance and Muskan. The total Poulation covered under it is 1,00,200.

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