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Our Objectives

  • To coordinate and facilitate Integrated Sustainable Community Development programmes through people’s participation.
  • To promote mechanisms like community development funds for the urban and rural poor and for extending credit facilities to them.
  •  To empower the women for sustainable development from Micro-Credit to Micro-Enterprise.
  • To take up the housing related programmes including physical up-gradation programmes, low cost housing, production and marketing building materials and training of construction workers in appropriate technologies.
  • To improve the delivery of comprehensive health services in poor and needy communities of India.
  • To establish and run centres for medical care, vocational and social (Community based) rehabilitation  and allied activities for the care of the differentially abled.
  • To promote day care centres and old age homes for the care of the elderly.
  • To promote programmes for the street and destitute children for their rehabilitation including vocational training centres, orphanage homes, etc.
  • To offer counseling services to the poor in the matter of legal rights, access to the physical and social  services, access to credit, access to technical and financial information, advice on land and property rights and other issues affecting the poor.
  • To organize the underprivileged and play an advocacy role for the poor in the appropriate forms including public interest litigation and violation of human rights.
  • To undertake research, conduct studies, appraisal and feasibility studies, organize workshops and seminars on the issues, urban and rural poverty, employment, land management, energy utilization and conservation, etc. , either sponsored by the societies or other agencies.
  • To develop a resource centre for NGO’s specializing on the issues affecting the urban and rural poor.
  • Apart from providing training in different areas as provided herein, the Trust may function as a nodal.

agency to impart training in different states

Apart from providing training in different areas as provided herein, the Trust may function as a nodalagency to impart training in different states.

To organize income generation activities for the weaker sections of the society.


To raise funds from various financial institutions, banks, cooperative societies, private companies,international financial institutions and other possible sources for the purpose of community development of individuals and groups at the grass root level level.

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