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Santosh moves towards job employment................

Santosh was confined to her house and not allowed to interact with even her neighbours. She was being exploited by her family in laws. Mahila Chetna Manch intervention helped her to begin interacting with others and come out of her shell. INDCARE's training programmes helped her to understand the basic concepts of SHG's.And futher facilitation by the members of Manch helped her to become a member of one of the Self Help Groups .However, due to low family income she was not able to deposit the saving amounts on time on a regular basis as the funds were always needed for other necessities.She expressed these problems at the SHG meeting. With the support of members of Mahila Chetna Manch she sought employment in her locality and was able to bring to the fore her skills as a home manager. She works as a maid and is now earning and deposits her saving in a timely manner. She also started sending her children to school.

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