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A pilot project of garbage management as an income generation activity in Vikas Nagar (a low-income settlement of Delhi) was carried out in collaboration with Rajiv Gandhi Foundation in 1999. 2,000 households were targeted through this pilot project. This project had 2 integral components for effective implementation:-

  •  Conducting awareness programme in the selected community to sensitize residents about health hazards of garbage
  •  Formation of cleaning brigades in the community by training them and collection and segregation of garbage from targeted households

The project had such an impact on the community, that after the support was withdrawn, the project sustained on its own using community participation. Till date the project is on. This has been a remarkable achievement. The sanitation group formulated during the project not only restricted their outreach to 2,000 households initially covered, but has moved to the neighboring area of Shiv Vihar as well.

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